A wonderful Word of Life Congress

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Collecting thoughts and impressions after a very special week indeed.


It started out at Lopota Lake, Georgia – a beautiful, newly built resort that we rented for our third, biannual Word of Life Congress. It quickly filled up to the point when we sadly have to turn requests down as delegates came from WoL churches in 29 nations.


And what beautiful days God gave us!


I praise the Lord for the entire Body of Christ – we are all one universal family, and different parts in the same body. But within the larger family there is also the smaller, the one you should be able to call ‘my own’. I am so happy, thankful and proud to call Word of Life not only my movement or denomination, but my family and my best friends.


As Peter and John for the first time faced threats for doing what Jesus has asked them to, the book of Acts 4 says the returned to ‘their own’ and ‘shared everything’ that had happened to them. Next, they all ‘came together in one accord and prayed’ for added strength in the face of persecution, God responded mightily as His power shook the entire house and His Spirit filled them all with passion and new boldness.


Every pastor and leader is in absolute need of that sort of fellowship and belonging!


I am not speaking about ‘being part of a denomination’, but having that group of people you can call your own, that you can share everything with, including all the ups and downs of life and ministry. A group where masks are not needed and backstabbing is not allowed. People who will rejoice with you in your time of victory and pray for in your time of weakness.

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The congress contained all that. Sincere, deep, honest and loving fellowship, ministry times and testimonies about all the great things God is doing in our movement, as well as teaching, discussion groups and panel talks on our DNA, the core characteristics of Word of Life. While our last congress was dominated by the news about Ulf Ekman converting to Catholicism, this one had a clear, strong focus on who we are, where we are and where we are going.


We left the best congress so far behind with stirred hearts, new exciting strategies, strenghtened relationships and a greater faith than ever in God and in the future of Word of Life.