Pastor Joakim Lundqvist is Senior Pastor of Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden, with 3 200 members and an international network including over 700 churches. Word of Life has an extensive international missions program and has produced millions of books and audio and video material containing faith inspiring teaching in several languages.

Word of Life’s Bible School has graduated more than 10 000 students in Sweden – one of the most secularized nations of the world – and a total of more than 50 000 students in its 15 bible schools around the world, including Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East and Central Asia.

In recent years, Word of Life has also been breaking new ground with its focus on giving support and care to the most needy in society. Word of Life is now running several rehab centres, homeless shelters, refugee ministries and other social care programs, inlucing an extensive work to provide medical help, food and education to poor children and victims of trafficking in India.


In 2002, pastor Joakim founded the Christian cross- denominational student organization ‘New Generation’ in Sweden, and saw it grow to some 15 000 members nationally and 25 000 internationally in just ten years, before stepping into the ministry of Senior Pastor at Word of Life.

Pastor Joakim is a much appreciated speaker and author, having visited over 50 nations, inspiring and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ in their own world.

His 30 years of experience in youth ministry shines through in his creative sermons, aiming to relate to every generation.

Pastor Joakim is a board member of Dr Yonggi Cho’s Church Growth International (CGI), on the global table of Global Kingdom Partnership Network (GKPN), and board member of the Swedish Evangelical Alliance (SEA).

He is married to Maria, who serves as Music Director at Word of Life, and they have two grown-up daughters, Evelina and Julia, both involved in the church and ministry.