Make a major difference in one minute!

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Dear friends from all over the world,


I want to ask for you for one single minute, in which you can make a major difference!


A month ago, three of our dear brothers from Word of Life Church in Baku, Azerbaijan, were arrested in Teheran, Iran. No charges, reasons or accusations were presented at the time, neither have any been given since.


Since they we arrested, they have been denied any contact with their families, their Council and any lawyers assistance.


However, historically it has made an strong impact to let the regime know that the rest of the world is aware this has happened. If many express their concerns, it will have an great effect.


This is how you can make a major difference!


Here is how:


1. Google to find the e-mail adress of the Embassy of Iran in your nation.

2. Paste the message below in the e-mail. Sign with your name, then send.


3. Share and encourage others to do the same.


4. Please also remember to pray for these Christian brothers of ours, and their families!


Thank you so much for your support, and God bless you!


Joakim Lundqvist
Pastor, Word of Life Sweden



To whom it may concern.


On June 22 2016, Eldar Gurbanov, Yusif Farhadov and Bahram Nasibov from Azerbaijan made a journey to Teheran, in the Islamic Republic of Iran. They were invited to be guests in IRI, where they would participate in a ceremony of engagement and have fellowship with their Christian friends.


As we have come to know, they were arrested by IRI Police on June 24 during the ceremony of engagement, without having been charged with any accusations. 


Until this day they have neither been allowed to meet Azerbaijani Consul in IRI, nor had any access to lawyer’s assistance. They have still not been charged with any accusations and their future is unknown to all of us.


Eldar Gurbanov, Yusif Farhadov and Bahram Nasibov all have families and children, one of them a son with Down syndrome. 


We ask everyone concerned and any official representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to provide all necessary support in helping these three men return to their homes and families in Azerbaijan as soon as possible.


Best regards,